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  • 打造一流的响应式网站

  • 打造一流的响应式网站


Newest launched, advanced technology
Powerful focused RF, Interval heating depth focus.
Intelligent recognition: Intelligent identification the collagen and fat, no damage to
other normal tissues. 
RF with vacuum and cooling, more comfortable and better results


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Top lifting machine is adopting the new generation of RF firming technology, and the accurate action on
superficial layer, middle layer and deep layer to achieve the purpose of wrinkles removal, skin tightening,
beautifying and body shaping.
Shallow skin heating :
Top Lifting can make the RF energy reach to the dermis accurately .Then it can promote contraction of shallow
collagen and lift the skin structure immediately .
Deep skin heating :
Top Lifting can let the RF energy reach to the deep dermis selectively. It excites the wound healing response and
release the collagen of dermis fibroblasts. Then recovering skin elastic and keeping skin tightening .
SMAS heating:
Top Lifting can make the RF energy reach to the SMAS accurately.Through the thermal effect renew the elastic
fiber structure and tighten the SMAS.

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