Nonlaser hair removal


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  • 打造一流的响应式网站


Powerful IPL energy output,with large promotion space.Multi-application solve
various skin problems 
Patented pure gold-wave filtering technology to eliminate skin-harmful light,no side effect 
Four sapphire-made filters interchangeable.No need to change the whole handpiece well contact cooling tip makes treatment comfortable

IPL(Intense Pulsed Light) is a sudden burst of light consisting of three or so pulses by arc lamp which is
channeled down through lens and filter onto the skin at the point where freatment is needed and light energy
is transmitted to the skin,each pulse lasting a fraction of a second heats the skin and hair follicle up in the gap
between the light pulse ,the skin gets time to cool down,As this can get quite hot,the trained therapist uses a
cooling get on the skin.This is very smoothing,helps cool the skin down,and also causes good cantact for good
light conduction.This pulsed kind of intense light could be more effective and less risky.

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