Qmetrx1000 Victory-11


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Qmetrx1000 Victory-11

Q-Metrx 1000 laser is the newest generation of Electro-Optic Q-switched Nd:YAG Solid State
Laser. It is ideal for treatment of wide range of skin pigment, especially for black, blue, brown
and red tattoos. It has been proved highly successful for tattoo removal including eye brow,
eye line, body tattoo, pigmented lesion, lip line and allergic resource of red dyestuff. Q-Metrx
1000 is professional designed to get rid of Nevus of Ota, Coffee spot, Birthmark, Skin
Whitening, Pigmented Lesions, Age Spot, etc.


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During treatment, Pigmented particles which are irradiated absorb the high energy instantaneously emitted by laser and break to smaller
form in skin tissue, those smaller particles are secreted out of body if small enough or be carried away by macrophage through lymphatic
systems so as to eliminate skin pathological changes
in deep skin layer, especially for the treatment of Nevus of Ota and Coffee spot…

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