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  • 打造一流的响应式网站

  • 打造一流的响应式网站

  • 打造一流的响应式网站


RF(Radio Frequency) uses high frequency electrical current,heating skin tissue from
epidermis,dermis to subcutaneous layer by the heat produced when it get through
the skin resistance.Electrical current transfers out of one electrode,getting through
three layers of boby,and then back into another electrode.Meantime therapeutic
effectiveness in different skin layers is achieved,such as skin tightening and cellulite

A. The superion wave
forms A positive pressure
effect on liquid molecules
and fat cells during the
compression cycle

B. The super ionic wave forms a negative pressure
effect on liquid molecules and fat cells during the
 expansion cycle.

C. The expansion and
compression cycles of the
superions alternate, 
causing numerous
microspaces in
fat cells with weak
molecular adhesion.

D. The implosion of the
"hole phenomenon"
inside and outside the cell results in hyperactivity of the molecule, which
eventually leads to the
rupture and
emulsification of the fat
cells and the metabolism
out of the body, resulting in a substantial reduction of the fat cells.

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